Year End Winners – 2015-2016

Judges: Gerald Sinclair, Micah Vanecamp and Cynthia Charat

Print Image Competition

1st Place – Image of the Year – Print Competition


“Lantermans Mill”  by Patty Booth

This photo was taken in Youngstown, Ohio. I arrived at sunrise and the lighting was difficult but I concentrated on getting the highlights knowing I could open up the shadows in lightroom . Nikon is known for its amazing dynamic range and my Nikon D600  did not disappoint me. I used a 24-70mm lens at 24mm, 0.6 sec. F22, ISO 80, 10/26/15 at 7:35AM

2nd Place


“Tetons”  by Ned Booth

3rd Place


“Ants in your Plants”  by Greg Smith

Honorable Mention (x6)

DaleGeorge_Cave_A Study In Glass #1

“A study in Glass #1”  by Dale George

Honorable Mention (x6)


“Welcome”  by Russ Williamson

Honorable Mention (x6)


“Heceta Beach”  by Lynda Noles

Honorable Mention (x6)

_DSC1248 copy

“Green Wave Crashing”  by Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention (x6)

Smoky Sunset on the Rogue

“Smoky sunset on the Rogue”  by Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention (x6)


“Sea Turtle”  by Jim Ingraham

1st Place – Image of the Year – Electronic Competition


“Curious Coyote”  by Jim Heern

The coyote appears often in the tales and traditions of Native Americans—usually as a very savvy and clever beast. Modern coyotes have displayed their cleverness by adapting to the changing American landscape. These members of the dog family once lived primarily in open prairies and deserts, but now roam the continent’s forests and mountains. They have even colonized cities like Los Angeles, and are now found over most of North America. Coyote populations are likely at an all-time high. This was taken in Idaho, while visiting my son Zack, his wife, Mona and my grandchildren, Liya and Jamal. The settings were as follows 1/100 second @ f 45 ISO 125.

2nd Place


“Stairway”  by Jim Ingraham

3rd Place


“Igor 2”  by Dave Church

Honorable Mention (x2)


“Sky Kiss”  by Jim Heern