Year-End Winners 2016-2017

Slideshow Winners

1st Place

Freeze Frame

by Dave Low

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2nd Place

Things I Saw in Jamaica

by Jim Ingraham

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3rd Place

Let’s Chase Some Cans

by Linda Bryant

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Year-End Image Competition

Photographer of the Year:  Jim Ingraham

Matt Connell (Fire Mountain Gems);
Al Ingersoll (SOPA);
Tim Bullard (Daily Courier)

Electronic Image Competition


                                                     1st Place – Electronic Image of the Year

                                                      “National Creek Falls”  Jim Ingraham

Taken at f/11, 1/2 second, ISO 400 with a Nikon D810 and 24-70 lens at 56 mm. Tripod mounted. The trick is getting to the other side of the creek without falling in the water!

                                                                   2nd Place

“Primary Colors”  Jan Kloes

                                                                                        Third Place

“In the Strike Zone”  Joel Takarsh

 Honorable Mention (x6)

“The Catch”  Jim Ingraham

                                                                        Honorable Mention


“The Centaur”  Joel Takarsh

Honorable Mention

“Lucid Swan Dream”  Bobette Heern

Honorable Mention

“Cheers”  Jan Kloes

Honorable Mention

“Shell Station”  Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention

“City Skyline & Union Station”  Laurie Scaruffi

Print Competition

1st Place – Print Image of the Year

“Fisherman Silhouette”  Jim Ingraham

2nd Place

“Making Plywood”  Jim Ingraham

3rd Place

“Friday Morning Fog”  Jim Heern

Honorable Mention (x2)

“Milky Way From the Watchman Overlook”  Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention

“The Night Light”  Rose Christner