Procedure to create “virtual ornament” images

By  Ted Demetriades 

I am using Photoshop Elements 4, so depending upon what you are using, there might be some slight variations but the basic process should be the same for all versions of Photoshop.

  1. Use the Crop tool to crop a square portion of your selected image.  I’ve been using a 5×5 format for convenience.  You can select a fairly small part of your image and still come out with a decent “ornament” – with 10 megapixel images I’ve cropped a section as small as 1/4 of the image.
  2. Next, go to Filter→ Distort → Polar Coordinates, and select the Polar to Rectangular option.
  3. Next, go to Image → Rotate → 180 degrees
  4. Then go back to Filter → Distort → Polar Coordinates, and this time click on the Rectangular to Polar option.

That’s all there is to it!