Photographer of the Year – 2017

Photographer of the year 2016-2017:  Jim Ingraham 

“I joined the Caveman Camera Club several years ago to push myself creatively. As a portrait and team/event photographer it can be easy to fall into a predictable pattern (not that that is all bad!). I enjoy the camaraderie and companionship of my fellow photographers, some of whom are very much beginners and some who are very skilled and accomplished. I urge anyone with a passion for photography to join our club to share, learn and grow. It’s a lot of fun and it beats trying to read that 500 page owners manual you got with that new fancy camera!”

“Alicia’s Repose”  by Jim Ingraham
‘Alicia’s Repose’ is a studio shot of local dancer Alicia Avalos. It is lit with studio lights from the sides and back to outline her shape. Nikon D810 @ 50mm, ISO 64, F5.6