We now have a library consisting mainly of books and video’s but also including a monitor calibrator and a lens/camera calibration tool. Members can check out any of the items at the competition meetings or the education meetings. Members may also contact the librarian, Jim Ingraham, during non meeting times to check out or return items. Email @ or phone @ 541-471-1509 cell. If you have items you would like to donate to the library, let Jim I. know.

Misc. Items

Spyder LensCal lens calibration unit.

Colormunki Smile Monitor Calibrator

Light table with stand and softbox.

Video Items

National Geographic – Fundamentals of Photography Part 1 (4 DVD’s) Watch on TV. For Beginner to Advanced. Follow National Geographic photographer Joel Satore as he goes on location shoots and debriefs and critiques images. Very entertaining and informative.

National Geographic – Fundamentals of Photography Part 2 (4 DVD’s) Watch on TV. For Beginner to Advanced. Follow National Geographic photographer Joel Satore as he goes on location shoots and debriefs and critiques images.

National Geographic – Masters of Photography (3 DVD’s) Follow some of the worlds best as they explain how they capture captivating images around the world. For beginner to advanced.

Photovision DVD’s – Watch on TV. Content time of each DVD is 2 to 4 hours. Follow professional portrait photographers as they go on assignment or in studio with their subjects. Weddings, family portraits, babies, maternity, high school seniors, marketing, color management, studio lighting, outdoor lighting. Great stuff if you are or want to be a portrait photographer. Best for advanced photographers but easy to follow by beginners as well.

Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks – Sean Bagshaw – For computer, not TV.  Not for beginners.  Advanced Photoshop techniques that provide a more realistic approach to HDR photography using layers and masking techniques in Photoshop.  Put them in your computer and follow along, practicing techniques as you go. Several hours of instruction. 4 DVD’s and 33 Chapters. If you like Seans instruction, please visit his website and purchase the DVD’s. He is local and occasionally is a guest lecturer at our camera club meetings. Link for free Luminosity masks: Free Luminosity masks

Ultimate Photo Guide – 7 DVD’s – Watch on TV. Titles are: Advanced Photo Techniques, Applied Advanced PhotoTechniques, Travel Photography, Photography Essentials, Seasonal Photography, Portrait Photography and Creative Photography. Pretty much everything under the sun is covered in this series. Good for beginners through advanced.

Wedding Techniques – 6 DVD set (Check out as one item) – Watch on TV.   Follow along on several actual wedding shoots with world class photographers.

‘Spot on Exposure’ 5 discs (check out as one item) For computer. For Beginners mainly.  Learn the ins and outs of exposure (shutter speed, f-stop and ISO).

Lightroom Master Raw Processing – 4 DVD’s (8 chapters). For computer. Beginner to advanced. Learn about processing your images in Lightroom. Very extensive coverage.

Lightroom Output – 3 DVD’s (Day 1,2,3). For computer. Color management, printing, jpeg quality, resizing…Everything related to what you do after you have created your masterpiece image.

Star Photography Master Class 2 DVD’s (check out as one item) For computer.  Learn how to shoot the Milky Way and stars and how to process them.

Painting with Light – 2 DVD’s (check out as one item) For computer. Intermediate to advanced. Using layers and masks learn how to enhance the light in your images in a realistic way.

The Best of Photoshop User: The 12th Year For computer. Over two hours of Photoshop tips and tricks.

The Beginners Guide to Digital Blending by Colby Brown. For computer. Intermediate to advanced. Learn several different techniques for creating HDR images that provide a more realistic final image than many of the HDR software programs out there.

PDF files and eBooks

The Grand Landscape – Beginner to Intermediate – Learn the basics about Landscape shooting including gear, lighting and shooting techniques. This is a PDF file, sorry no video, but is very in depth and very well done.

Desert Paradise (Forever Light eBooks) – There are two subjects here: Death Valley and Iceland. The two eBooks are very specific guides to each location. Basically, if you are planning a trip to either place you would want to study this and perhaps even get it on your smart phone or laptop.

Grant Collier’s Night Photography e-book : Not recommended for  beginners  until comfortable  with LR and/or Photoshop but  lots of  clear and concise info ( illustrative pix too ) once that hurdle is cleared including specific equipment recommendations as of 2015. Even covers ‘bioluminescence’!, + website, online videos)


Digital Photography Outdoors 2007 – For Beginners. The book is a bit dated but the material covered is still very relevant.

The Digital Photography Companion 2008 – For Beginners. The book is a bit dated but the material covered is still very relevant.

Exposure Photo Workshop 2008 – For Beginners and Intermediate. Very in depth coverage on exposing your digital images, the hows and whys and how to’s.

Canon EOS 50D guide to digital slr photography. Your owners manual on steroids with colorful images.

Canon EOS 50D – A short course – Similar to above, only with black and white images.

Skin (A complete guide to digitally lighting, photographing and retouching faces and bodies). Large book, in color, advanced.

Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers using Photoshop. Large, color. Advanced.