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Resize, Create a Preset & Add a Stroke with Lightroom

for Submission to the Caveman Camera Club

Video Tutorial to Resize & Create a Preset:  Resize with Preset

Video Tutorial to add a Stroke with Lightroom:  Add A Stroke

After you’ve finished post-processing your image, including adding a stroke if desired, you’re ready to resize your image.  If you are adding a stroke (using Photoshop), see the second section below.

In Lightroom you can create a preset to quickly resize your photo in the future.

How to Create A Preset:

1.  Go to File then down to Export

2.  Choose your export locations in the Export to: box on top and in the Export Location

3.  In the File Naming box, Click Rename To: and Choose Custom Name. Enter your name, FirstLast, without spaces.  Then an underscore, CAVE, and another underscore.  For example:  YourName_CAVE_ or JaneDoe_CAVE_  (When creating the preset for the first time, don’t enter the picture name.)

4.  In the File Settings box, Image Format is: jpg; Color Space is:  sRGB.  Then check Limit File Size to:  and enter 1024 Kb (1 Mb).

5. In the Image Sizing box, click Resize to Fit: and choose Width & Height.  Click the Don’t Enlarge box.   For W:  enter 1024 and for H: enter 1024.

6. In the Output Sharpening box, Click Sharpen For: and choose Screen.  Choose Amount:  Standard is OK.

7. In the Metadata, Watermarking, and Post-Processing boxes, make your choices.

8. Now go to the bottom left side and click ADD.  A box will pop up titled New Preset.  In Preset Name: Enter a name you will recognize as your Caveman Camera Club resize settings.  In Folder:  choose User Presets.  Click Create.  This will create a preset you can use to resize your photos in the future without having to enter all the choices.  You should see your new preset on the upper left under User Presets.

9. Click Export at the bottom right.

10. When finished,send the image to the Electronic Image Coordinator as directed on the website, including instructions about which category the image is to be in (Assigned or Open).  The official guidelines are at – under Learn>Prepare your Photo for Competition>Caveman Camera Club Competition Rules.

In the future, when you are ready to resize, just go to File: then down to Export: and click your UserPreset name.

Add the picture name (without spaces) to your preset custom name (example: YourName_CAVE_RaceCar or JaneDoe_CAVE_PrettyFlower.

Click Export and you’re all done.

To see your image on a black background, hit “L” twice.  L is for “lights out”.  Hitting “L” twice again brings you back to the edit page.

Add a Stroke using Photoshop Editor:

A stroke is desirable if your image has dark edges.  The stroke will outline the image to more clearly define the edges against a black projection screen.

  1.  Start from Library in Lightroom.
  2.  Go to Photo then drop down and click Edit In: Choose Photoshop.
  3.  Choose the first one – Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments. Then click Edit.
  4.  You are now in Photoshop.
  5.  Hit Select – All.
  6.  You should now see “marching ants” (little dashed lines) around your image.
  7.  Hit Edit – Stroke (outline) selection.
  8.  A box pops up – Choose the width you want (start with 3 -5 pixels).
  9.  Then choose the color. Clicking on the color block brings up a color selector.  Or you can place your cursor anywhere on your image and an eye-dropper appears which allows you to choose an exact color from your image.
  10.  Then in the next box, click
  11. You can experiment with the blending modes, but start with Normal 100% (default).
  12. Click OK.
  13. Now go back to Select, but this time choose Deselect. The “marching ants” are gone and your image now has a stroke around it.
  14. Now click File and Save (not Save As). Do not change or add anything to the name of the image.
  15. Go back to Lightroom. Your image should appear with the stroke on it.
  16.  Proceed with resizing in Lightroom using the instructions above.