Photoshop Elements

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Resizing and Adding a Stroke In Photoshop Elements

for Submission to the Caveman Camera Club

Video tutorial on resizing:   Resize with Elements

Video tutorial on Adding a Stroke:  Add a Stroke

After you’re finished with any post processing (photoshopping) of your image, INCLUDING adding a stroke if desired, you’re ready to resize.

  1. Go to Image and down to Convert Color Profile.  Choose Convert to sRGB.

  2. Go back to Image, down to Resize, then over to Image Size.  Click on it.

  3. Go to Pixel Dimensions.  The image should never be more than 1024 pixels high and  no more than 1024 pixels wide.  For a horizontal image, change the Width to 1024 but don’t change the Height.  For a vertical image, change the Height to 1024 but not the Width.  A square image should be 1024 for both Width and Height, if it is truly square.

  4. Be sure all three boxes near the bottom are checked:  Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image.

  5. Skip the Document Size This is for printing only.

  6. At the bottom, click Bicubic and scroll down to Bicubic Sharper (best for reduction).    Click

  7. Now go back up to File and down to Save As.

  8. At the top, be sure you are in the Folder that you want to save it in.

  9. Then go to File Name and enter as directed in the website.  For example:  YourName_CAVE_PictureName.jpg or JaneDoe_CAVE_PrettyFlower.jpg.

  10. In the middle, go to Format and click on JPEG (or jpg).

  11. Hit Save.

  12. The screen will then go to another box of JPEG Options.  If the size estimate shows more than 1024 Kb (1Mb), use the slider to decrease the quality until the size is 1024 Kb (1Mb) or less.

  13. Click OK.

When finished, send the image to the Electronic Image Coordinator as directed on the website, including instructions about which category the image is to be in (Assigned or Open).  The official guidelines are at under Learn>Prepare your Photo for Competition>Caveman Camera Club Competition Rules.

Adding a Stroke to your image

A stroke is desirable if your image has dark edges.  The stroke will outline the image to more clearly define the edges against a black projection screen.  Add the stroke BEFORE you resize.

  1. Make sure you are in Expert

  2. Hit Select – All.

  3. You should now see “marching ants” (little dashed lines) around your image.

  4. Hit Edit – Stroke (outline) selection.

  5. A box pops up – Choose the width you want (start with 3 -5 pixels).

  6. Then choose the color. Clicking on the color block brings up a color selector.  Or you can place your mouse anywhere on your image and an eye-dropper appears which allows you to choose an exact color from your image.

  7. Then in the next box, click

  8. You can experiment with the blending modes, but start with Normal 100% (default).

  9. Click OK.

  10. Now go back to Select, but this time choose Deselect. The “marching ants” are gone and your image now has a stroke around it.

  11. Now you can proceed with the resizing of your image.