4C’s QEID Competitions

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4C’s Quarterly Electronic Image Competition


The 4C’s has a quarterly Electronic Image Comptetion for individuals.  You must enter the competition yourself.

You can enter up to 4 total entries in any of combination of the Traditional, Creative and Monochrome Categories and the judging will be done by a different club each quarter.

It is also helpful if you put the quarterly (spring, winter, etc.) QEID Entry in the Subject Line of the email as we use email filters to identify the entries.  (i.e.  Summer QEID Entry)

This is an individual competition which is open to 4Cs club members free of charge.  Send your entry images as email attachments to eidquarterly@columbiacameraclubs.org before the quarterly deadline.

If you are using a Mac computer please zip your entries and attached the zip file to email. More about that is addressed in the attached check list and is also listed on the 4Cs web site.

Columbia Council of Camera Clubs
QEID Entry Check List

To Avoid Your Entries From Being Rejected Please Read This:

Given the large number of entries in the QEID Competition, e.g. 250 plus , it is important that our competition photographers pay particular attention to the rules before entering their entries. It is very time consuming for volunteers to change file names and to communicate back and forth with photographers regarding image files that are the wrong size, or don’t provide required information, etc. Because of this issue, it is possible that your entries will be rejected and you may not get notice of this until after the closing date for the competition. It might make sense to keep a copy of the following check list near your computer to help make the QEID entry process smooth.

Please use the following check lists before sending your entries via email:
* Image file size doesn’t exceed 500k
* Vertical Measurement (top to bottom) doesn’t exceed 768 pixels
* Horizontal Measurement (side to side) doesn’t exceed 1024 pixels
* File Name doesn’t contain any spaces
* File Name doesn’t contain any hyphens “-“
* There is No Entry Number at the beginning or end of the file
* File Name is in correct naming format, e.g. FirstNameLastName_CLUB_NameOfImage_T  Note the last letter should be T for Traditional, C for Creative or M for Monochrome Categories
* If I am sending entries from a MAC computer, I have zipped the files before attaching them.
General Information:
* The images must be in jpg (jpeg) format.
* All image files must be clearly identified with the following file naming format:
A)Traditional category file names:
         i) FirstnameLastname_ClubInitials_Title_T.jpg
         (example: JohnDoe_BMPC_PrettyFlower_T.jpg)
B) Creative category file names:
         i) FirstnameLastname_ClubInitials_Title_C.jpg
         (example: JohnDoe_BMPC_PrettyFlower_C.jpg)
C) Monochrome category file names:
         i) FirstnameLastname_ClubInitials_Title_M.jpg
         (example: JohnDoe_BMPC_PrettyFlower_M.jpg)

Revised April 4, 2016