March 2018

Here are the results of the March 7, 2018 Caveman Camera Club competition: 

Guest Lead Judge:  Matt Connell – Fire Mountain Gems.  Member Judges:  Lynda Noles and Dave Church (member judges do not score their own images).

Image of the Month:

Lynda Noles’ “Koi” in the assigned category.                                                                                    Attached is a jpeg of Lynda’s winning image, a “head shot” of her, and her “Daily Courier” release.      Lynda writes about her image:

“My “assigned, straight down photo” of the Koi was taken from the bridge across the moat that surrounds part of the Colorado Bell Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  I had to reach as far as I could to get this shot, and therefore used my lightweight iPhone for this picture.  The iPhone automatic settings were 1/120 sec. @ f2.2, ISO 50. I took this picture on February 25, 2018 at 9:30 am.”

“I am an amateur photographer who particularly likes the assigned photo challenges that the Caveman Camera Club has each month.  I have been a Club member for 3 1/2 years.”

Winners for March, 2018

Electronic-Image Open: (15 entries)

1st Delicate Arch   Jim Heern 

Delicate Arch

2nd- Cold Mountain Waters Ozzie Cummins

Cold Mtn Waters

3rd – Looking Up Susan Sheets

3rd (tie) Into a Child’s Eyes Julie Padgett

HM Winter Waterfall Ross Steensland

HM Night Song Nomeca Hartwell

HM Flowers in the Green Julie Padgett

Electronic-Image Assigned: (22 entries)

1st – Koi Lynda Noles

1st (tie) The Watched Russ Williamson

1st (tie) Please Use Handrails Susan Sheets

1st (tie) West Coast Girl Jim Ingraham

2nd – Crater Lake Flying High Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

2nd (tie) Petroleum Planet Jim Ingraham

2nd (tie) From Above Vince Williams

2nd (tie) Wait for Me Paris Daniel Allen

2nd (tie) Two Feet Dave Church

Prints Open: (10 entries) 

1st -Topsy Turvy Rose Christner

2nd – Orange Urchin Russ Williamson

2nd (tie) Bird of Prey Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Prints Assigned: (5 entries)

1st – Will Grow Up Russ Williamson

2nd- You Want Me to do What Next Winter? Dave Bell