February 2018

Jim Heern won the honors of being the Caveman Camera Club member who has the “Image of the Month” for February.

We would like to offer our congratulations on Jim’s print photo “Eurasian Owl” for winning a first place in the open competition.  As such, it has been selected as the Caveman Camera Club’s “Top Image of the Month” during the month of February 2018. This picture will also be submitted to the “Daily Courier” for an article in an upcoming issue.


Image of the month, by Jim Heern.

Jim Ingrahm also won 1st place with his picture  entry of “Splash”

Splash by Jim Ingrahm

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven says this was shot in my house using the pluto trigger and water drop timer setup.  “Water Umbrella” was shot with Sony a99ii using a 60mm Laowa-Macro lens ISO 1250 1/15th F30 Off camera flash from the right side and slightly behind.  This was shot in my house using the pluto trigger and water drop timer setup.

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven

Jeremy who also placed with his picture “Liquid Glass”. He says that his  Liquid Glass open print was used with all the same settings and setup as above

Other 1st place winners include;                                                        David Church – Birds of a Feather =1st

Birds Of A Feather by David Church

This image was taken at Bryce Canyon National Park, at one of the overlooks along the drive.  The two crows were just sitting on the ledge and I quietly approached them to start taking photos.  I was the only person at the overlook at that time.  They were pretty cooperative.  The shot was taken at mid-day, but it was slightly overcast, and I think that helped soften the image capture a bit.
The camera is a Canon 70d with a 18-135 mm lens at 64mm. The photo was shot at ISO 200 at f10 at 1/200 second.  It was processed with both Lightroom and Photoshop programs.
“I’ve taken photos most of my life starting at home with my Dad’s darkroom.  I joined the Caveman Camera Club in 2009, and since then have enjoyed learning and serving with a great group of folks”.

2nd place photo’s in our February competition.

Russ Williamson = Injection = 2nd

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven = Red Seas Liquid Death Cap = 2nd

Susan Sheets – Graffiti Times Two = 2nd

Susan Sheets – Magnolia Blossom = 2nd

Daniel Allen – Looking at You = 2nd

Jim Ingrahm – Strawberry Splash = 2nd

Jim Heern – My Sunday Hat-2nd

 Pictures that won 3rd place or received an honorable mention will also be in the February posting.

 Bobette Heern –Rio=3

Julie Padgett – Desert Beauty = 3rd

Linda Bryant – Horse Hugss = 3rd

Rose Christner – The Last Dahlia = 3rd

Russ Williamsson – Under Pressure = 3rd

 Jim Ingrahm – Mug Shot = 3rd

 Vince Williams– Eifel Tower = 3rd

Jim Heern – Winter Reflections = 3rd

 Debbie Jallit – Splash Of Wine = H.M

Guy Wood – Bubbling Fire = H.M

Rose Christner – Cheers = H.M

Susan Sheets – Touch Down = H.M

Joy Lane – On Point = H.M     

Judy Cox – Water Fall = H.M