Processing Electronic Images For Competition

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05 July 2017


All elements of the Caveman Camera Club “Competition Rules” apply.
Subject category is “General” unless otherwise stated.
Entries are not limited to images taken with a digital camera.
Images may be acquired on film (slide or negative) and then digitized (scanned), modified (if desired) and submitted.
No name or identification shall be on the image proper.

Image File Specifications    Images must be properly sized, formatted and named.  

A) The maximum dimensions are 1024 pixels horizontal and 1024 pixels vertical. 
           Tip: Work on a copy of the original.                      
                   Find “Image Size” screen in photo editing program. 
                   Work from the bottom of the screen to the top. 
                   Set Bicubic 
                   Check resample
                   Check constrain proportions
                   Check scale styles 
                   Ignore resolution *    
                   Ignore document height * 
                   Ignore document width * 
                   Set pixel dimensions by typing in height 1024 for a vertical image or 1024 for a horizontal image.
* While resolution, height and width are important for printing they are not used for electronic projection. 
Actual pixels are used on a one to one basis.  However, many editing programs require that resolution is set to a positive number.  Choose any number you like to satisfy this requirement. The one you normally use for printing will be the most convenient.

B) Images files must be in the JPG format and not larger than 1MB. 
            Tip: Save as a JPG file. 
                   First screen is an easy place to put the right name on the file.
                               (It can be done later by “Renaming”).  
                  Second screen is the place to set the amount of file compression for less than 500KB.  
                               The compression level is set by typing in a number or with the slider. 
                               Number12 is little or no compression, you will need 10, 9, or 8 
                               An estimated file size is shown some where on this screen. 
                               Adjust compression level as needed to be less than 500KB.   

            Tip: Recheck “image size” to verify it is 1MB or less.
                   If file size is greater than 1MB, do the process a second time.
                   If the file size is less than 300 it may be over compressed.
                   Warning: For good quality do not reopen this jpg file. Delete it.
                   Restart with a new copy of the original.

C) Image File-Naming Convention 

  1. FirstnameLastname_YourClubsInitials_TitleOf Image.jpg
  2. For example: JohnDoe_CAVE_PrettyFlower.jpg
  3. For example: JaneSmith_CAVE_SeaScape.jpg.
  4. Note: CAVE is the proper abbreviation for Caveman.  Do not use CCC 

Send appropriate image file by email attachment to Electronic Image Coordinator.
Multiple entries should be multiple attachments on one e-mail.
Competition Name goes in Subject Line.
Entries must be submitted by Sunday at midnight 4 days prior to the Wednesday competition meeting.
At the current time, Russ Williamson is the coordinator.
Russ will assemble the entries and deliver them to the Competition Staff.

The Competition Staff will provide a Summary of the Judging to the participants.