Using the 9 Point Scoring System

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Caveman Camera Club
Guidelines for Using the 9 Point Scoring System

*   Any image receiving a score of 4 or less, deserves a constructive critique so that the photographer can learn how to improve the image.

1.*   Use this score to disqualify an image.  An image may be disqualified if you feel that it clearly does not meet competition rules, including adequately meeting the spirit of the Assigned Subject category.

2. *   The image shows serious (and clearly unintended) technical defects  –  gross under- or over-exposure, poor focus or significant camera movement, or similar problem.

3.*   The image either has significant technical defects, serious shortcomings in image content, or some combination of these problems.

4.*   The image does not have significant technical defects or serious shortcomings in image content.  However, it may have minor defects (composition, lighting, etc.) or the content is not well handled.

5.     The image is acceptable in most respects but does not create any significant interest.

6.     The image is reasonably solid, creating at least some interest.  Technical aspects and image contents are all reasonably well handled, but not exceptionally so.

7.     The image has good artistic value, and the image continues to hold the viewer’s interest.  Technical handling is very good with minor flaws at a minimum.

8.     The image is extremely interesting – unique and worthy of recognition.  There should be no noticeable technical flaws.

9.     The image has exceptional impact, and the technical quality is impeccable – one of best you have seen at the Caveman Camera Club.

                                           Revised by Rimmer & Hartwell 5/2013 CCC