December 2017

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1st place winner: Susan Sheets Wrote this about her image; “The wood carver at It’s a Burl in Cave Junction was thoroughly engrossed in his work one rainy afternoon in October.

He described it as his meditation.  Mine was photographing him.”

“I’m a new member of the Caveman Camera Club.  Great people, lots of learning, and plenty of fun, are making it a wonderful place to share my photo passion.”

Also a 1st place winner is: Russ Williamson, who wrote this about his photo;

This photo was taken in Seattle at the Chihuly Garden and Glass.  I used my Nikon 810 with the ISO set at 2000.  The shot was take handheld since no tripods are allowed.  The lens I used was my 14mm-24mm, set at 22mm, F14, at 1/20 second.  The glass sculptures are suspended from the celling by steel cables, and illuminated by spot lights.


Winners for December, 2017


Electronic-Image Open: (15 entries)

1st The Carver’s Meditation   Susan Sheets

2nd (tie) Mirage in Black Julie Padgett

2nd (tie) On Golden Pond Ozzie Cummins

3rd (tie) Concentration David Church

3rd (tie) Looking Back Jim Heern

3rd (tie) Newport Bay David Church

Electronic-Image Assigned: (Humor)  (24 entries)

1st I Hate Water Landings  Jim Ingraham

2nd Aerodynamically Challenged Jim Ingraham

3rd(tie) Reluctant Elf Debbie Jallit

3rd(tie) Smiling Horse Linda Bryant

HM Horse Peeing on Girl Linda Bryant

HM Comforts of Home Ozzie Cummins

HM Christmas Tree Vince Williams

HM Too Much Ice Cream Vince Williams



Prints Open: (9 entries) 

1st Floating Glass #2 Russ Williamson

2nd(tie) Lethal Weapon Jim Heern

2nd(tie) Planet Splendor Nomeca Hartwell

Prints Assigned: (Humor) (5 entries)

1st This is My Happy Face Jim Ingraham

2nd(tie) Bunny Humper Rose Christner

2nd(tie) I Said No More Taco Bell Jeremy Vanschoonhoven