Competitions for January 2018 Winners


Printed OPEN:

Jim Heern -Wanna Bear Hug =24- 2nd Pl

David Low -The Wharf=23- 3rd Pl

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven -Freedom’s Never Free= 23 -3rd pl

Nomeca Hartwell -Light on the Hill = 23 -3rd pl

Bobette Heern –Nemo and Friends =23 – 3rd pl



BekahVanschoonhen-Reclaimed Reflection=22-3rd

Dave Low – Grandpa’s tools =22-3rd

Debbie Jallit –In Great Grandma’s Kitchen-24-2nd

JoyLane – Lights & Grille =23-2nd

Linda Williams –Boy In Surry=22-3rd

Ozzie Commins –One Room School=22-3rd

Vince Williams-Red Dice =22 -3rd

Debbie.Jallit-Teddy’s Bedtime=22- 3rd

Joy Lane –V8 = 23-3rd

Linda Bryant – Nicks Market =24-2nd

Vince Williams –Giant Wheel=22-3rd 


1st place Winners for January

Jim Heern Will You Play With Us=24-2nd pl.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven-Armadilliidae (RolliePollie) =25 -1st pl.

Linda Williams –HomeTownMarshall = 25-1st

Rose Christner – ReCycling= 25-1st pl

Bobette Heern Bluesy Boy =26 – 1st pl 


Bekah Vanschoonhen – Reclaimed Feflection = 22 -3rd pl

Jim Heern –Mandrillus Sphinx = 23-3rdJeremy Vanschoonhen –GoldenEyes =23-3rd

Susan Sheets-Quite =23-3rd pl

Susan Sheets – High Water =24-2nd pl

Ozzie Cummins –Autumn Flows, Warm and Cold=23-3rd pl