September 2017

Judges: Greg Smith, Jan Franz and  Dale George (Lead Judge)

Electronic Image Competition – Open Category

1st Place – Image of the Month

 “Sweet Song”  David Church

“This image was taken at the “Back to the Fifties-Concert in the Park”, and it features one of the lead singers of the group “Sound Stage Review”.  I learned about photographing musical groups from other Camera Club members, and have found it challenging, as well as a great way to be close to the action. You often find some great expressions”. 
The camera is a Canon 6d with a 70-300 mm lens at 200mm. The photo was shot at ISO 1,250 at f8 at 1/160 second.
 “I’ve taken photos most of my life starting at home with my Dad’s darkroom.  I joined the Caveman Camera Club in 2009, and since then have enjoyed learning and serving with a great group of folks”.


1st Place also (2-way tie)

“The eyes have it”  Rose Christner
This was taken in Dec. of 2016 for our Christmas celebration at home. This is of my daughter Tamara and her boyfriend Eric and Tamara’s beloved dog Halo. She had just unwrapped the backpack for her biking/camping trip in Hawaii so she could take her well traveled dog with her.  She had just tried it on with Halo in it to see if it fit and I took the fun shot. They all have extraordinary eyes, hence the title. Taken with my CANON EOS 80D at 1/80sec, F/5  62mm, ISO 5000.


2nd Place – 4 way tie

“The Zipper”  Susan Sheets

2nd Place – 4 way tie
“Mrs. John Deere”  Jim Heern


2nd Place – 4 way tie

“St Catherines by night” – Nomeca Hartwell


2nd Place – 4 way tie

“Three Bulls” – Jim Ingraham



Electronic Image Competition – Assigned category (Insects)

1st Place – 2 way tie
“What!” – Ozzie Cummins

This image was capture on 8.19.17 near Wrangle Camp at 6,000 ft. elevation about 5:30 in the evening.  I was noticing these interesting white “weed” plants along the edge of the road.  They were distinctive in that their general plant shape reminded me of a planetary solar system in structure.  Actually, they are made up of hundreds, if not thousands of very tiny clumps of individual flowers on many stems radiating out from a central location on the main stalk.  Then, what really caught my eye was they seemed to be covered with “yellow-jackets,” not bees like you would expect on a flower.  Yellow jackets are usually attracted to dead meat, not the sweet nectar of a flower.

Anyway, I wanted to capture this interesting event and plant structure as well as some detail in the face of the Yellow-jacket (Insects were the assigned subject for this coming month competition).  I used my Nikon 750 with a Nikkor 28-300 lens zoomed in at 300 mm; f8 to allow some detail in the plant, but still blur the background.  I used a shutter speed of 1/320 sec for hand holding.  I modified the exposure with a -1 exposure compensation to allow for very bright white flowers against a dark background. To get the exposure right with these settings, Auto ISO chose an ISO of 320.


1st Place – 2 way tie
“Tomato Worm” – Lynda Noles
This picture of a tomato worm was taken in 2010 with a Canon Rebel camera.  The settings were 1/80 s @f/5.6  ISO 400 at 5:30 p.m.

 2nd Place – 2 way tie
“Swallow Tail” – Doris Welborn


2nd Place – 2 way tie

“Perfect Landing” – Joy Lane

3rd Place – 6 way tie

“Up close and impersonal” – Jim Heern


3rd Place – 6 way tie

“On the Lavender” – Debbie Jallit


3rd Place – 6 way tie

“Bumble Bee” – Russ Williamson 


 3rd Place – 6 way tie

“Busy as can Bee” – Theresa Kubat


 3rd Place – 6 way tie

“Pollen” -Vince Williams


3rd Place – 6 way tie

“Scorpion” – Debbie Jallit




Print Image Competition – Open Category

1st Place 

“Green with Envy”  Jim Heern
This is a a Guira Cuckoo, it lives in a semi-open habitat of Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. Shot at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake city, Utah.
200 mm, ISO 125, f 5.6, 1/30 sec.


2nd Place – 2 way tie

“The Spiral”  Jim Ingraham



2nd Place – 2 way tie

“Star Talk”  Nomeca Hartwell



Print Image Competition – Assigned (Insects)

1st Place – 3 way tie

“Mirrored Mosquito Hawk”  Rose Christner
In May of 2017 I gently scooped up this mosquito hawk that I thought was dead to take a picture of for our CCC assigned category. I put it on a mirror to hopefully get the underside reflection. Took me about 30 min to get the shots and I turned and he was gone. So no insects harmed or frozen in this assignment…LOL This was shot with my CANON EOS 80D at 1/8 sec, F13 140mm, ISO100. No flash and worked with in Photoshop.
Thank you,


1st Place – 3 way tie

“Yellow Garden Spider”  Greg Smith
“Yellow Garden Spider” is one of my first images using my new Canon 5D Mark IV, and was taken while out mentoring an aspiring young photographer.  He had already located a group of these colorful creatures and it was a perfect opportunity to share some knowledge and capture a photo for the assigned category, “Insects”.  This image was taken using my 100mm macro lens with dedicated twin flash mounted on the end of the lens.  Camera settings were; ISO 1000, 1/25 second, and aperture maxed out at f/32 for as much depth of field as was possible.


1st Place – 3 way tie

“Fuzzy”  Doris Welborn

Here’s my winning photo of Fuzzy, a Tachnid Fly.  This fly was visiting oregano blooms in my backyard. It is a beneficial insect to the garden.

This image was taken with my Nikon D600 with a Nikon 24-70 lens attached.  The lens was set on shutter priority, f/5.6, 1/2000, +.67 exposure compensation.  This lens was purchased in 2010.