September 2015

Electronic Image Competition – Assignment “Shadows/Silhouettes”

First Place – Tie


“Hanging Man”  Nomeca Hartwell

This anomalous bleak object high on a blank building wall opposite Leon, Nicaragua’s  giant Revolutionary Mural caught my eye.  I had to use full lens extension on my portable Canon G1x ( 112mm) and even then ended up cropping to 1/10.  I deleted 2 other thin diagonal wires that crossed the sculpture in CS6 and finished with a frame effect from Perfect Effects that seemed to compliment the subject matter. Since there wasn’t any writing or label, I don’t know exactly who or what the object referenced.  1/640 at f/5.8, ISO 100.

Electronic Image Competition – Assignment “Shadows/Silhouettes”

First Place – Tie



“Blue Shadows”  Jim Ingraham

This image was taken on a white backdrop with one studio strobe light with a 10 degree grid spot attached. Two marbles and a blue tinted wine glass. Shot with a Nikon D810 and 24-70mm f2.8 lens. F16 at ISO 64

Second Place – Tie 


“Stormy Horizons”  Lori Mitchell

Second Place – Tie 


“Smoke Smoke Smoke that Silhouette”  Ozzie Cummins

Third Place – Tie 


“Six Forks”  Marcia Fasy

Third Place – Tie 

DebbieJallit_CAVE_Evening at Tivoli

“Evening at Tivoli”  Debbie Jallit

Third Place – Tie


“On Solid Ground”  Jim Heern

Third Place – Tie


“Street Dancers”  Jim Ingraham

Third Place – Tie

KenWelborn_CAVE_PalmTreein the Sunset

“Palm Tree in the Sunset”  Ken Welborn

Third Place – Tie

DebbieJallit_CAVE_Castle Ruins

“Castle Ruins”  Debbie Jallit

Third Place – Tie


“Strollin the Lemon Grove”  Doris Welborn

Electronic Image Competition – Open

First Place


“Rough and Ready”  Ned Booth

Through many years of film and into the digital age I was my wife’s Sherpa.  I carried a 40 pound back pack full of her camera gear up hills, down in to valleys, for what seemed like miles and miles. Then after we got to that ideal spot I had to hang out (most of the time very quietly) for hours.  One day I picked up here spare camera and started taking photos.  Today we each carry our own backpack  We live near Cave Junction where I am one of the volunteer Photographers for the IV Fire Department.  One beautiful summer day the IVFD was having a volunteer appreciation Bar B Que when the alarm came in for the Krauss Lane Grass fire. This allowed me to respond with the department. The high winds and dry conditions that day caused the fire to quickly grow. Because of the excellent mutual aid agreements in place for SW OR, firemen from many different departments covering the entire area quicklystarted showing up.  This photo is of one of them that came to help.  As a home owner I would like to thank all of them. 

Second Place – Tie


“Go Go Go Your Boat”  Joel Takarsh

Second Place – Tie


“Magic Moon”  Tony Mitchell

Second Place – Tie


“Peaceful Balcony”  Suzi Pratt

Third Place


“Wheel in the Sky”  Ted Demetriades

Print Image Competition – Open

First Place


“Night-time Poppies”  Marcia Fasy

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers to shoot. This photo was taken at night with ambient light at a motel in Sacramento in March 2015. It was edited in LRCC and PhotoshopCC2015. Printed on Red River Metallic paper.

Second Place – Tie


“Transition”  Jim Heern

Second Place – Tie

King Midas

“King Midas”  Dale George

Print Image Competition – Assigned ‘Shadows/Silhouettes

First Place

Smoky Sunset on the Rogue

“Smoky Sunset on the Rogue River”  Jim Ingraham

This image was taken near sunset on the Rogue River across from Schroeder Park. No filters were used, the sky was partially obscured by a layer of smoke from distant fires. It actually looked like this!  (well, sort of…of course my eyes could see a much greater dynamic range). August 2015. Image data: Nikon D810, 70-200 lens at 78mm, ISO 400, F11 at 1/500th

Second Place


“Silhouette Reflection”  Patty Booth