October 2016

Judges: Dave Low, Lynda Noles and Jim Ingraham (Critiquing Judge)

Print Competition – Open category

1st Place – Image of the Month


 “The Night Light”  Rose Christner
“The night light I photographed was a gift for my daughter Nicole, from her brother Shawn, who shares the same birthday 14 years apart!  It’s an actual night light that I layered with the Windows 10 photo editor in my post editing. I used a Canon EOS 80D at 1/30 sec., F3.5 18mm, ISO 3200, with Canon EFS 18-135mm lens”.
“I joined Caveman Camera Club in the spring of 2015 to meet people of like interests in hoping to improve my amateur photography skills and make new friends. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m learning so much from excellent skilled mentors”. 

1st Place – Tie (but not Image of the month!)


“Milky Way from the Watchman Overlook”  Jim Ingraham

 This is my first attempt at photographing the Milky Way. Taken at Crater Lake looking toward Klamath Falls. The sky is a 30 second exposure, the bottom of the image is about a 5 minute exposure, blended together in Photoshop. Nikon D810 with a 18-35 lens at 18mm. F4 at ISO 3200

1st Place – Tie (but not Image of the month!)


“I like Brown”  Dale George

“I Like Brown” was taken last year at Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, B.C. This was the home of coal magnate Robert Dunsmuir and is the finest example of Victorian opulence I have seen to date. Construction began in 1890 and features 4 floors of the finest interior furnishings one could imagine.

     As is my usual custom when shooting interiors, this is a 3 exposure image blended in Photomatix. I choose this method because nearly all of the museums are forbidding flash photography. Usually tripods are permitted which allows for lower ISO’s and longer exposure times for keeping noise levels acceptable. Plus it has the benefit of a wider range of light in dim interiors and therefore…more details in the final image.

2nd Place


“The three Photographers”  Gene Rimmer

Print Competition – Assigned category – Architectural Details

1st Place


“Marco Island Marriott”  Dave Low

 It was taken in November of 2015, at the Marriott Resort on Marco Island, Florida.  It was the view from our room balcony looking toward the beach and Gulf of Mexico.  I took it with a Canon 7D and a Sigma 10-20mm zoom.  It was shot at 1/250 sec, F10 and at 10mm. Post processing was with Lightroom and Silver Effex Pro 2.

2nd Place


“Mission Stairwell”  Marcia Fasy

3rd Place – Tie


“Corinthian Columns”  Judy Cox

3rd Place – Tie


“Bell Tower”  Rachel Bauer

3rd Place – Tie

“The Biltmore House”  Linda Bryant

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned category – Architectural Details

1st Place – Tie


“Behold the Light”  Dale George

  “Behold The Light” was taken last year in fabulous Las Vegas at the Encore Hotel/Casino reception check-in area. This is a single shot taken with my since retired Canon T2I and 10-22mm lens. There is so much eye candy in Las Vegas, it can get a little over-whelming deciding what might make a nice image. We are all familiar with the Wow Power of Vegas strip at night, but I was struck by how over-the-top the interiors of the major hotels were and wanted to try and capture things from a different perspective. I was struck by the sheer size, color and shape of this ceiling fixture and noticed the repeating circular patterns around it. Image details: Single shot on a Canon T2i, 10-22mm lens at 22mm     1/50th sec, ISO 400 at F/5

 1st Place – Tie


“Performing Arts Center”  Laurie Scaruffi

This image was taken with a Nikon D90. 200 ISO at 1/50 sec. It was right before sunset and I was enamored not only with the building ( Kaufman performing art center, downtown Kansas City ) but the reflection of the city and the storm cloud in the glass. I actually darkened the reflection a bit during editing so as not to take the focus away from the architecture. The building itself looks totally different on the opposite side and also very interesting.

 1st Place – Tie


“The Dome”  Russ Williamson

 1st Place – Tie


“Federal Building” Jim Ingraham

Taken in Denver at the U.S. Courthouse on a cold gray winter Sunday. Nikon D810 and 24-70mm lens. ISO 640, F8 at 1/200th

2nd Place – Tie


“Balcony” Doris Welborn

2nd Place – Tie


“Art Deco” Marcia Fasy

3rd Place – Tie


“Reflections” Dave Low

3rd Place – Tie


“Great Panes” Greg Smith

3rd Place – Tie


“Factory Detail” Jim Ingraham

3rd Place – Tie


“Greek Church” Lynda Noles

3rd Place – Tie

“Monterey Harbor House” Rose Christner

3rd Place – Tie


“The Window” Debbie Jallit

3rd Place – Tie


“Windows Within” Laurie Scaruffi

3rd Place – Tie


“Sacramento Capital Building” Rose Christner

Electronic Image Competition – Open category

1st Place


“Birds Eye View” Jim Heern

Demoiselle cranes are the smallest of the cranes species, and are famous for their elaborate communication methods. With a deep rasping voice, and spectacular dancing. Shot at Twin Falls, Idaho Zoo
Camera: Nikon 810   Aperture: 5.6   Shutter speed :1/125    ISO: 100

2nd Place


“Dahlia” Marcia Fasy

3rd Place – Tie


“Tree in Rock” Curt Collins

3rd Place – Tie


“Weiner and Bun” Dale George

3rd Place – Tie


“Girls just wanna have fun” Joel Takarsh

3rd Place – Tie


“Australian Princess Parrot” Suzi Pratt

3rd Place – Tie


“The Centaur” Joel Takarsh

3rd Place – Tie


“Wild Wiccan” Shaun Barrentine

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Can’t Touch This ” Bobette Heern

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Artichoke ” Dave Low

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Synchronized Flight” Greg Smith

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Henny Penny” Jan Kloes

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Sleeping Vineyards” Nomeca Hartwell

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Jammin” Shaun Barrentine

Honorable Mention – Tie


“Na Na Na Na Na Naaaah” Elizabeth Dean