October 2015

Electronic Image Competition – Open Category

First Place – Image of the Month


“Yee Haw”  Linda Bryant

The name of the photo is Yee Haw.
This photo was taken at the McCaslin Rodeos Bull Bash back in August of 2015
I Love the Rodeo and the Bull Riders, you never know what you will capture at these events.
I took this photo with a Canon 5D Mark111, using my 70-200mm F2.8 lens. It was shot at 1/640 sec.
f6.3 at a distance of 252mm. ISO was 1250.
I am mostly self taught, but have learned a lot from my fellow members of the Caveman Camera Club.
I became a member of this great club in 2012. Wonderful friends and lots of knowledge to be learned.
Taking Action packed photos and Portraits are my favorite pass times.

Thank, Linda

Second Place – Tie


“Garden of Glass”  Dale George

Second Place – Tie
“Sunrise in the Park”  Ted Demetriades

Second Place – Tie
“Storm Clouds-1”  Bobette Hearn

Second Place – Tie


“Red Hibiscus”  Marcia Fasy

Second Place – Tie


“The Rookie”  Joel Takarsh

Second Place – Tie
“The Harvest”  Dave Church

E.I. Competition – Assignment “Panorama of a Landscape”
First Place
“Elk”  Patty Booth

This was taken in Nevada on a road trip to San  Diego. I used my “NI-KON camera” (always sung to Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome”….in my head not out loud😀) at ISO 200, 35mm, at 1/320 of a sec. at F11.  Nevada is a more beautiful state than I had expected, I was told they have over 300 mountain ranges.

Joyfully, Patty

Second Place


“Sky Ramp”  Jim Heern

Third Place – Tie


“Warm Tones on Cold Water”  Ozzie Cummins

Third Place – Tie
“Morning at the Tetons”  Ned Booth

Third Place – Tie


“Seaweed”  Patty Booth

Third Place – Tie


“Kodachrome Pass”  Russ Williamson

Honorable Mention


“Painted in Pastel”  Ozzie Cummins

Honorable Mention
“Smile of God Panorama”  Laurie Scaruffi

Honorable Mention


“Bryce National Park”  Linda Noles

Print Competition – Open Category

First Place

“Jet Precision”  Greg Smith
“Jet Precision” is a capture of the Breitling Jet Team’s photo pass at the 2015 Reno Air Races.  The Cloudless blue sky made for a ho-hum background on the shot.  I used a “desaturate blues” command in Photoshop to give the subject more impact.  The shot was taken with my Canon 5d MKII, using a 300mm lens and 1.4x extension (total 420mm focal length) – ISO 500, 1250th of a second, at f 5.6.

Second Place – Tie

Multnomah Morning

“Multnomah Morning”  Dale George

Second Place – Tie

_DSC1248-1 copy
“Green Wave Crashing”  Jim Ingraham

Print Competition – Assigned (Panorama)

First Place
“Tetons”  Ned Booth
I took these photos of the Tetons while visiting my sister in Jackson Hole.  I original took 9 segments, with the camera mounted in landscape,  but ended up only using 6 for this panorama. I now wish I had the camera mounted in portrait.  We stayed at this location for about 4 hrs. as the sun was rising. I took the segments with a Nikon D3, using a 70-200 F2.8 lens,  zoomed to 75mm, 1/60th @ f/16 and camera set at 200 ISO.  I created the panorama using LR CC. 

Second Place


“Twin Lakes”  Ned Booth