November 2015

Electronic Image Competition – Open Category

First Place – Image of the Month


 “Puck Lakes”  Donald Tedrow

I backpacked into Puck Lakes with the intent of imaging the Milky Way and capturing time lapses of it during the night. I’m always looking for photography opportunities including wildlife, plants and natural occurrences.

I am passionately fascinated with space and all natural phenomena, and I’m equally fascinated with photography and back packing. I push myself on the trail and find ways to push my photography skills. The cathartic end is a composite of hiking the wilderness, photographing it, processing the photograph into an image that represents my vision. This allows friends, family and anyone that is interested, to enter a place that they may not have otherwise been able to experience.  Visit my web site at: 

Photo was taken with a Canon MkIII, 15mm fisheye lens, 30 sec. at f2.8 at ISO 2500.

Second Place

“Stairway”  Jim Ingraham

Third Place


“Elixir of Life”  Jan Kloes

 Honorable Mention

“Mo Rain”  Bobette Heern

Honorable Mention

11G1_Dale George_Cave_The Power of Christ compels you!

“The Power of Christ compels you!”  Dale George

Honorable Mention
“Morning on the Palouse”  Nomeca Hartwell

Honorable Mention

“Del Rio Vines”  Pam Arbogast

Print Image Competition – Open Category
First Place
Dale George_Cave_Hatley Castle

“Hatley Castle”  Dale George

This image was taken after sunset in Victoria, Vancouver Island. I had taken this photo earlier in the day but the lighting was awful, so I made it a point to come back in the evening to try again and perhaps get a better result. Arrived with just about 5 minutes of good light left so I quickly set up the tripod and snapped of about 4-5 sets of 5 exposures.
     This is another HDR image using only 3 of 5 exposures. Exposures were blended in Photomatix and then adjustments made in Lightroom 5. A small amount of exposure increase in portions of the castle stonework were made in onOne 7.0 as well.
     Some of the image particulars….shot with Canon 5DMK3, Canon 24-70mm lens. Average exposure time was 1/5 second at f/9 and ISO 100.
This image and a couple others is now why I always travel with my laptop. Had I not had the option of editing my earlier series of shots taken here earlier in the day, I probably would not have gotten this shot. It was only after editing my earlier effort that I realized it just was not going to work. Thank heavens for second chances!!

Second Place

“Lantermans Mill”  Patty Booth

Third Place – Tie
“The Ledge”  Gene Rimmer

Third Place – Tie
_ING0733 copy-1

“Sunset Flower”  Jim Ingraham

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned Subject ‘Patriotic’
First Place – Tie
“911”  Russ Williamson
“911” was taken at the 911 museum in New York City.  I took the photo of the beam from a railing, one floor above.  I used my Nikon D810, with a 24 to 70mm lens, set at 33mm.  The settings were, ISO 4000, F/4.0, at 1/40sec.  Photoshop was used to remove projected images from the rear wall, and darken areas around the beam.

First Place – Tie

“Freedom”  Linda Noles

This photo was taken recently at my home.  I was inspired by the Clubs assignment of Patriotic/Love of Country.  I think the basics of Patriotism lie in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  The book is about this and the gun symbolizes the second amendment and Freedom.  I took this with a Canon Rebel T6i with a Tamron 18-270mm lens. The camera settings were 1/20s at F/4.5, ISO 200.

Second Place
“The Green Lady”  Russ Williamson

Third Place – Tie

“Ultimate Sacrifice”  Greg Smith

Third Place – Tie

“Firecracker”  Nomeca Hartwell

Third Place – Tie

“Thank You”  Bobette Heern

Honorable Mention

“Ed’s Military Honors Funeral”  Marcia Fasy

Print Image Competition – Assigned Subject ‘Patriotic’
First Place
“Welcome”  Russ Williamson

“Welcome” is a three shot RAW HDR, processed with Photomatix, and exported as a black & white image.  The image was printed at Costco as a 12″ X 18″.  I used my Nikon D810 and 24 to 70mm lens, set at 24mm.  The setting were, ISO 64, F/11, 1/60 sec.

Second Place – Tie


“Old Fashioned American Patriot”  Marcia Fasy


Second Place – Tie

“A Symbol of Freedom”  Jim Heern