January 2017

Judges: Linda Bryant, Jim Heern and Jim Ingraham (Main Critique Judge)

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned category: Glass

1st Place – Image of the Month


 “Garden in Glass”  Bobette Heern

My husband Jim Heern, has always loved photography but after retiring from teaching at Illinois Valley High School he began immersing himself into the artistic side. About 5 years ago he found a local group in Grants Pass called Caveman Camera Club that met twice a month. He immediately fell into the camaraderie and rhythm of the monthly themes and competitions. 
About three years ago my husband and some friends were out shooting the famous carnivorous plants near Eight Dollar Mountain on the Illinois River.  Actually they were shooting and I was standing around. Our friend, Ned who is the President of the Caveman Camera Club, urged me to get a camera and join in the fun. Soon I had an opportunity to buy a used Nikkon 7100 from a Club member who was upgrading. The next trip was to Klamath Falls to shoot the fall colors,  I found “burst mode” and spent every moment marveling at how I could freeze birds mid flight. I was hooked!
My husband and I take many photo trips now to the Coast, Idaho and all around Oregon constantly finding many opportunities to express the beauty surrounding us.  It is a photographers’ paradise here. Now two years since I upgraded to Nikkon 610  camera I have learned many, many things from the competitions, club members, but mostly from Jim, my husband, who is completely absorbed in the endless world of photography.
The theme this month (January) was glass. We stopped at Vines Art Studio 7 miles south of Bandon on Hwy 101 last summer.  I asked the shop keeper if I could photograph some items. I found an amazing hand blown flower vase with a 3D garden scene inside. With a price tag of  $450 it was the most incredible vase I have ever encountered.  I used their back room to control lighting.  It was shot with my Nikkon 610 at 1/6 sec  F-3  IS0-100 105-mm lens.  Used Lightroom/Topaz to edit.

1st Place – Tie (x3)


 “Cheers”  Jan Kloes

The glasses and streamers were shot with a spot light shining on the wall behind them and a softbox to the left.  The ‘confetti’ was added using standard Photoshop brushes.  The bubbles were from a free downloaded PS brush from Brusheezy.  Canon EOS 7D, ISO 100, f/9 at 1/8 sec.

1st Place – Tie (x3)


 “Broken Glass, Wine Glass”  Jim Ingraham

Nikon D810 with 24-70 mm lens at 70mm. Shutter speed 1/100, aperture f20 and ISO 64. One studio light with a large softbox directly behind subject and slightly above. Wine glass is sitting on a pane of glass that is suspended over a black background on the floor. The shards of glass are colored with food coloring and water.

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Window Glass”  Curt Collins

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Glass Carafe”  Debbie Jallit

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Phantom Zone Cube”  Rose Christner

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “Broken Dreams”  Jim Heern

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “All the Glitters”  Judy Cox

3rd Place – Tie (x4)

B&W Chardonnay

 “Caprice Sparkle”  Nomeca Hartwell

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “Reflections”  Jan Kloes

Print Image Competition – Assigned Category (Glass)

1st Place  


 “The Bearded One”  Jim Ingraham

Nikon D810 with 24-70 lens at 28mm. Hand held. Shutter speed 1/250, Aperture  f10 and ISO 200. Subject next to a stained glass window in a church. The window is the sole source of light.

Electronic Image Competition – Open Category

1st Place


 “Angie and Jake”  Linda Bryant

This is a photo of my friend Angie, we were doing a photoshoot in November and decided to incorporate a few pics with the horses. This was taken with my Canon EOS Mark111, at f/5, 1/320 and ISO 3200 at 70mm. I changed the background and added a Rainy Window Overlay to give it the Rain Effect..

2nd Place – Tie (x2)


 “Hard Rock Eye Candy”  Dale George

2nd Place – Tie (x2)


 “Silent Serenade”  Julie Padgett

3rd Place – Tie (x5)


 “Inmate”  Bobette Heern

3rd Place – Tie (x5)


 “Crater Lake in September”  Debbie Jallit

3rd Place – Tie (x5)


 “Shared Veggies”  Greg Smith

3rd Place – Tie (x5)


 “Cardinal”  Laurie Scaruffi

3rd Place – Tie (x5)


 “Reaching to the Light”  Ozzie Cummins

Print Image Competition – Open Category

1st Place


 “It smells like Heaven”  Dale George

  Photo was taken in April 2015 at the Bellagio Hotel in fabulous Las Vegas. The reason I gave it the title “It Smells Like Heaven” is that even though you can’t see it, the conservatory was planted wall-to-wall with blooming flowers. The air was light and sweet with the fragrance of the thousands of blooms and to me must be what Heaven smells like.

     The challenge with this capture was getting the room perfectly centered with the point of the obelisk and center girder and working the tri-pod forward and backward to get the right balance. Then there are the people….always people…cutting through the scene. They linger, dawdling, putting themselves just where you don’t want them to be. Don’t they care, don’t they know I am waiting??  Eventually the ebb and flow of pedestrian traffic opened briefly long enough to snag a 3 shot exposure.

     And now for the details. Camera was my retired Canon T2i Rebel with the 10-22mm lens. Lens was open to 10mm.

     ISO set to 100, 1/200th second average exposure, f/6.3 with camera in Aperture Priority.

2nd Place


 “Red and Green Spring”  Nomeca Hartwell

3rd Place

Starry Grayback

 “Starry Grayback”  Nomeca Hartwell