February 2017

Judges: Greg Smith, Vince Williams and Tim Bullard (Guest Judge)

Print Image Competition – Assigned category: Street Photography

1st Place – Image of the Month


 “MOMA Flip”  Curt Collins

I was in New York a number of Summers ago and had walked up to the Museum of Modern Art. I was taking another shot and these guys were taking turns flying off the lower steps on skateboards. I got the other shot then lined up my view on where then flew off. There was also a hot dog vendor in the background, in true NY style. I took a burst of shots and this was in the middle.
I had the shutter set at 1/800th and the aperture was wide open on my EF 70-200 on a mono pod at ISO 100. If I had planned this, I probably would have raised the ISO and tried to shoot faster.
I bought my first 35mm camera with gift money when I graduated high school and it was an expensive hobby for a kid working for San Jose Parks & Rec. My level of involvement has fluctuated over the years along with life’s other responsibilities. The shot that I got before this was displayed at the Coos County Museum of Art. It was a good trip.

1st Place – Three way tie

Original Compositions

 “Original Compositions – $20.00”  Gene Rimmer
My wife and I went to New Zealand for 3 weeks in Nov. and Dec., 2015 for more of a couple’s vacation than a photography trip.  She let me take a couple thousand pictures, though.  We had Oregon-like weather the first week on the North Island, but better luck on the South where we spent the most time in Queenstown, quite the “adventure” area of the country.  The afternoon before leaving, when we were walking around the town and the docks, we found this street musician playing his piano on wheels.  I knew I had a “moment” there with getting the other photographers and his sign in my picture.  It was interesting how most people weren’t paying any attention to him, including the girl sitting on the ground near him – probably his girlfriend watching her smart phone.

1st Place – Three way tie

getting a push

 “Getting a push”  Vince Williams
It was taken at back to the 50s July 29, 2016 ISO 400 18mm f11 1/250.  It was actually the first picture I took that night.  I had just got onto G street and was looking at the station wagon in the picture from across the street when I saw this couple and thought it would be a good picture of the people enjoying the cars.  I converted it to black and white from color,  I think that it stands out more in black and white.

2nd Place – Two way tie

Print for website

 “Blowing bubbles”  Debbie Jallit

2nd Place – Two way tie


 “Looking for a buck”  Dave Bell

Print Image Competition – Open category

1st Place

Somewhere In The Desert 

 “Somewhere in the desert”  Dale George

This image was taken in Fort Rock. This church is but one of several well preserved and restored old buildings brought to this site in an effort to save from demolition and preserve local building history. I had been to these buildings the evening before and shot some sunset photos before returning to La Pine for the night. I  met up with a friend the following morning and we returned here to photograph the area.

     This was my last shot of the morning and was ready to leave when I turned around to see this group of flowers and tree framing the church, so of course I had to take just one more shot, very glad I did.

     This was my first outing with my then new Canon 5D Mark 3 and 16-35mm lens. As I often do, I shot this scene with 5 exposures and blended them into an HDR image. Lighting was getting harsh and I like to use this technique to gather as much detail in the shadows as possible while limiting blow-outs from highlighted areas.

     And now the nuts and bolts. 5 exposures at 0, -1, -2, +1, +2 Aperture was f/6.3 and ISO 100   Average exposure time was 1/1250th second. Blended in Photomatix and finished in Lightroom 5

2nd Place – Four way tie

River of Light

“River of Light”  Nomeca Hartwell

2nd Place – Four way tie


“Family of geese”  Jim Ingraham

2nd Place – Four way tie

Surprised Shade Bather

“Surprised shade bather”  Gene Rimmer

2nd Place – Four way tie

Fade Into Darkness

“Fade into darkness”  Dale George

Electronic Image Competition – Open category

1st Place – Tie


 “Hovering at the Cafe”  Rose Christner

I decided to get serious about learning to get at least what I hoped a decent bird shot.  I have feeders around the house. It takes a lot of patience to be able to stand there and wait for birds to do their thing. I used a tripod and a borrowed lens (EF 300mm lens with an extender 1.4X) on an overcast day. Canon 80D set at 1/4000 sec, F5.6  420mm, ISO 2500. It’s been fun filming and editing as I am now also learning Photo Shop! I just want to add what a pleasure it is to be in the CCC. The people are wonderful and extremely helpful if you need help. Thank you:)

Electronic Image Competition – Open category

1st Place – Tie 


 “Beauty”  Jan Kloes

Shot this Camellia in RAW using only window light.  Then processed it with Camera Raw, Photoshop & Lightroom, adding a slight blue tinge to the lighter areas to give it some personality.  And of course, fixed the unsightly edges and bruises common in most every flower.  Canon EOS 7D, f/8, 1/4 sec., ISO 100.

2nd Place


 “Grand Canyon Morn”  Dave Low

3rd Place 

 “Moonbeam”  Nomeca Hartwell

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned category: Street Photography

1st Place 


“Street Fairy”  Jan Kloes

This little budding artist was creating her masterpiece at Art Along the Rogue last October.  I was enchanted with her colorful tights, black tutu, and pink cowboy boots.  She has an artist’s eye for fashion to be sure!  Shot this one in bright sunlight but the chalk was so bright it overpowered the girl, so I used Lightroom’s graduated filters to darken the sides.  Then did a bit of dodging to lighten her face and the hand that was in shadow.  Sony SLT-A57, f/13, 1/160 sec., ISO 100.

 2nd Place 


“Time for a nap”  Judy Cox

3rd Place – Tie (2-way)

“Old Amigos”  Doris Welborn

3rd Place – Tie (2-way)

“Concentration”  Dave Church

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)

“Accordianist” Gene Rimmer

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)

“In the Red”  Jim Heern

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“Litter Patrol”  Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“Waiting for the perfect man”  Joy Lane

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“Road Work”  Ken Welborn

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“Soldiers in horse drawn wagon”  Laurie Scaruffi

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“Diva De Juarez”  Nomeca Hartwell

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“G St. after 5”  Ozzie Cummins

Honorable Mention – Tie (9-way)


“The Street Photographer”  Rose Christner