December 2016

Judges: Greg Smith, Lynda Noles and Gene Rimmer (Main Critique Judge)

Electronic Image Competition – Open category

1st Place – Image of the Month


 “Lavender Stroll”  Rachel Bauer

This photo, Lavender Stoll, was taken in June of this year at the beautiful English Lavender Farm in Applegate. While waiting for the sun to set I asked my daughter Nicole to walk down one of the rows and she did this little pose. My two girls enjoyed a teddy-bear picnic in the warm light of the sunset that evening. This is my favorite photo out of the series. I used a Canon 60D with a 50mm 1.4 lens at 1/320 sec, at F 10, and ISO 320. Note that if you plan to take photos around sunset at the English Lavender Farm, the sun sets a little early in the summer as it drops behind the top of the hill.

Also 1st Place – 4 way tie


“Taking a Break”  Linda Bryant

This is a pic I took at the Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal in December. It is straight out of the camera, except I applied a filter called Burlesque to it, then pulled most of it back off. I used my Canon EOS 5D Mark lll with the 24-105 mm lens attached. My settings were aperture f/4, shutter speed 1/250 and ISO 5000.

Also 1st Place – 4 way tie


“Going for the Nylon”  Joel Takarsh

INTENSITY! So much of what sports photos reveal is INTENSITY. I’m always looking for the photo that has
the facial expressions that show the effort, the exertion both physical and mental, that competitive spirit along
with a well captured moment of action. This was shot at a Grants Pass High School basketball game and I immediately
liked it as it fit the intensity criteria. Actually very simply shot with a Nikon D5 using a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 lens. Shutter speed
was set at 1000th of a second and ISO setting was 128000.

Also 1st Place – 4 way tie


“National Creek Falls”  Jim Ingraham

Taken at f/11, 1/2 second, ISO 400 with a Nikon D810 and 24-70 lens at 56 mm. Tripod mounted. The trick is getting to the other side of the creek without falling in the water!

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“The Piano”  Dale George

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Table Rock”  Debbie Jallit

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“One Summer Night”  Jim Heern

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“A Cautious first Step”  Jim Ingraham

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Sandblaster”  Joel Takarsh

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Colorful Legs”  Julie Padgett

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Tiger”  Laurie Scaruffi

2nd Place – 10 way tie

corrected black dots but not as interesting. Might work with texture

“Fire Spinner”  Nomeca Hartwell

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Turkey Lookout”  Dave Church

2nd Place – 10 way tie


“Galice Creek”  Greg Smith

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned category “Candlelight”

1st Place – Three way tie


“Beautiful Light”  Curt Collins

My photo “Beautiful Light” was taken 11/29/16. The model is my daughter Madison. It was taken on a Canon 30D, 0.3 sec. exposure at f 5.0, ISO 400 with a focal length of 42mm.

1st Place – Three way tie


“Candle Trio”  Jan Kloes

The candles were shot on black velvet.  A free background image from the internet was layered under the candle image, and then again on top of the candle image at 40% opacity.  Also used Lightroom’s radial filter to add extra highlights on the candles and crystals.  Canon 7D at 0.5 sec, f10, ISO 100.  Lens was EF50mm f1.8II.

1st Place – Three way tie


“Candle with Mirrors”  Jan Kloes

 This is a single votive candle placed on a deflated gold mylar balloon using mirrors to bounce the light back & forth.  Lightroom was used to enhance colors.  Canon 7D at 0.3 sec, f9.0, ISO 100.  Lens was EF50mm f1.8II.

2nd Place – 4 way tie


“Rooster Glow”  Debbie Jallit

2nd Place – 4 way tie


“After the party”  Judy Cox

2nd Place – 4 way tie


“A glass of wine, a good book and candlelight”  Linda Bryant

2nd Place – 4 way tie


“Glass Decanter”  Lynda Noles

Print Image Competition – Assigned category “Candlelight”

1st Place – Two way tie


“Fire and Ice”  Dave Low

Shot with a 50mm lens at; ISO 400, f16 and 5.0 sec exposure.  Processed in LR and PS CC.

1st Place – Two way tie


“Track Lighting”  Greg Smith

Crafting and shooting the “Track Lighting” image combined a handful of my favorite elements; outdoor adventure, a good hike, low light photography, and a complex set up.  I discovered this tunnel earlier in the year while exploring the lower Cow Creek canyon, between Glendale and Riddle.  This image was the result of a drizzly December evening hike, and the placement of 72 tea candles to illuminate the image.  I shot in the dark to insure that candle light was the only source of light.  The star-light effect was the result of the small aperture setting used to insure adequate depth of field.  I shot this image using my Canon 5d Mk III and Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L lens.  The camera settings were:  f/13, 30 seconds, 32mm, and 2000 ISO

Print Image Competition – Open category

1st Place 


“Alicia’s Repose”  Jim Ingraham

Alicia is a young lady who has been involved in dance and ballet since she was a tiny tot.Taken at f/5.6, 1/200th second, ISO 64 with a Nikon D810 and 24-70 lens at 50 mm. Tripod mounted. Studio shot with three light setup.

2nd Place – Two way tie


“Peregrine Falcon”  Jim Heern

2nd Place – Two way tie


“Friday Morning Fog”  Jim Heern

3rd Place – Two way tie


“Whitehorse Falls”  Dale George

3rd Place – Two way tie


“Quincy”  Linda Bryant