April 2017

Judges: Dave Church, Vince Williams and Gene Rimmer (Lead Judge)

Electronic Image Competition – Assigned (Texture) 

1st Place – Image of the Month


 “My Eyes Adore You”  Vince Williams

This picture was taken March 25th 2017 at the West Coast Game Park Safari in Bandon, Oregon.  We were on a field trip with the Caveman Camera Club.  I had been taking pictures of lions when my wife came up to me and told me of a couple doing sign language to a bear and it was responding.  When we got to the bear the couple was long gone and the bear did not respond to me trying hand signals.  The bear was walking around in his enclosure and I happened to be at just the right place to take this picture.  I used my Nikon D750 with a older 70-200mm lens @75mm ISO 1000 1/800sec @ F13.

I have been taking pictures for the last 20-25 years and have just recently stepped up and started a photo business.  I joined the Caveman Camera Club in March of 2016.

1st Place – Tie


 “The Other Side”  Jan Kloes

This was an ordinary yellow sunflower to begin with.  I placed a radial filter on the green part, then inverted it, adding red tones to the petals for some bolder color.  Then used a mask to remove the red tones from the green tips covering the petals.  Sony SLT-A57 f/5.6 at 1/3 sec.

2nd Place – Tie (x2)


 “Cow Lick”  Laurie Scaruffi

2nd Place – Tie (x2)


 “Watercolor Magnolia’s”  Marcia Fasy

3rd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Open Up”  Linda Williams

3rd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Here’s Looking at You”  Vince Williams

3rd Place – Tie (x3)


 “It’s Getting Hot In Here”  Jim Ingraham

Honorable Mention – Tie (x3)


 “Stickerball” Jan Kloes

Honorable Mention – Tie (x3)


 “Just The Two of Us”  Linda Williams

Honorable Mention – Tie (x3)


 “Watch Out”  Russ Williamson

Electronic Image Competition – Open 

1st Place


 “A Pair of Watchful Eyes”  Jim Ingraham

Taken at All Sports Park (Reinhart Park) in the late afternoon sunlight early February 2017. Not a lot of Photoshop, just basic corrections and adjustments. Shot with a Nikon D810 and a 200-500 mm F5.6 lens. ISO 800, F5.6 @ 1/320th second handheld with the vibration reduction on at 500 mm 

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Powerful Gaze” Greg Smith

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Eye to Eye”  Jim Heern

2nd Place – Tie (x3)


 “Keeping His Eye on the Ball”  Joel Takarsh

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “Squall Line”  Dale George

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “Rockin Out”  Dave Church

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “Flowering Maple”  Marcia Fasy

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “The Little Pooper”  Rose Christner

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “Harbor View”  Suzi Pratt

3rd Place – Tie (x6)


 “Early Bird”  Greg Smith

Print Competition – Assigned (Texture) 

1st Place


 “Onion Skin”  Jim Ingraham

 There is literally nothing left of this onion except the dried out skin. Took many months of sitting on the window sill for it to get this way. Taken with a Nikon D810 and 70-200 lens at 200 mm. ISO 250 at F22. Lighting is two softboxes. One on the right side of the image and the other behind and to the left of the image. Used a white card for a little bit of fill on the front left of the onion. 

2nd Place


 “Hairy Texture”  Dave Church

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “Painted Hills ”  Dave Bell

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “Curly Bark ”  Judy Cox

3rd Place – Tie (x4)


 “After Harvest ”  Greg Smith

3rd Place – Tie (x4)

Burma Dream 2

 “Burma Dream ”  Nomeca Hartwell

Print Competition – Open category

1st Place 

Of Bygone Days

 “Of Bygone Days”  Dale George

Photo was taken in Astoria at the Flavel House Museum. The house built by Mr. George Flavel, a river boat pilot who earned his fortune mainly by piloting ships up and down the treacherous Columbia river. He then expanded his fortune by getting into real estate in later years.

     Built between 1884-1886 in the Queen Anne style, the home boasts 2 ½ stories including an upstairs cupola where George could watch the ships going up river. The home has 6 fire places, tons of hand carved woodwork, 14 foot ceilings downstairs and 12 foot ceilings upstairs. The home managed to survive a fire that destroyed much of town in 1922 and later survived 2 attempts to have it torn down to make way for a parking lot. Every room on the 2 floors are open to the public and decorated with antique furnishing, dishes and trappings of a fine Victorian mansion.

     The house made a great impression on me and I really wanted to bring home images that when viewed, would give the atmosphere of this fine old home. So naturally, I used my tried and true method of taking multiple exposures, on a tri-pod which to my surprise was allowed. I used my new (then) Canon 5DMK3, Canon 16-35mm lens combination. Lens was fully open to 16mm, ISO setting 125, aperture set at f/8. 3 shots were taken at .3,  .125,  .8 seconds and combined and tonemapped in Photomatix. Next was some clean up work in Lightroom and finally a little more detail extraction in NIK Efex Pro.

     The 3 main entertaining rooms downstairs were open, but roped off at the doorways to keep visitors from damaging the rugs and furnishings, but this in no way hampered the view or accessibility for my camera. If you go, be sure to allow a good 1.5 hours to fully appreciate and photograph this gem.

2nd Place

Selma Storm

 “Selma Storm ”  Nomeca Hartwell

3rd Place

Pretty Boy

 “Pretty Boy ”  Jim Heern