Assigned Subjects 2017-2018

Caveman Camera Club 2017-2018 Assigned Subjects

By Vice-President Dale George

September – Insects
They are everywhere, think small. Steady hand or tripod will help.

October Fear/Horror
Image should portray or express our basic fear instinct. Things that are

November – Bridges
We cross them daily in some form, by foot or car. Can also refer to
some other form of bridge by definition.

December – Humor
Portray your lighter side. Find or create a humorous moment that
needs no explanation.

January – Nostalgia
Rekindle the feeling of a simpler time. Nothing new here, bring back
the feel of yesteryear.

February – Drip, Dribble, Splash
Freeze the action of liquid in motion. Pouring, drip-drops, splash down
moments. Not intended for river or landscape scenes.

March – From Above
Change your perspective. Get elevated and point the camera
downward from a ladder, bridge, over-pass, escalator, tree….wherever,
just point down. Even shoe shots are accepted.

April – Out of Place
It stands apart from the rest. draws attention to itself.

May – Seasons
For landscape lovers. Specifically outdoor scenes. Needs to be
identified as a particular season. No green forest photos here. Must
convey the feel of spring, summer, fall, or winter.

April 24, 2017