Caveman Camera Club Competition Rules

Competition Rules Revised August 27, 2017 Competition Objective: The objective of The Caveman Camera Club Photographic Competition is to better develop our member’s photographic skills and editing techniques on images taken by their own photographic efforts. 1.   Competition Calendar:   Photographic competitions will be held monthly from September through May.  You must be a member in

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Processing Electronic Images For Competition

Video links for resizing: Resize with Elements Resize in Lightroom with Preset 05 July 2017 General All elements of the Caveman Camera Club “Competition Rules” apply. Subject category is “General” unless otherwise stated. Entries are not limited to images taken with a digital camera. Images may be acquired on film (slide or negative) and then digitized (scanned),

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Composition Essentials in Photography

by Gene Rimmer Though we refer to them as rules, the following are guidelines to help photographers produce better images. Every image cannot contain every element listed here. And remember, rules can be broken and a wonderful photograph produced, but it is important to know how to take the guidelines and apply them or ignore them intelligently

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