Reclaimed Reflection by Bekah Vanschoonhoven

Dave Low -Grandpa’s Tools = 3rd pl

Linda Williams -Boy in Surry = 3rd pl

Ozzie Cummins -One Room School=3rd pl

Vince Williams -Red Dice = 3rd pl

Debbie Jallit -Teddy’s Bedtime =3rd pl

Joy Lane -V8  = 3rd pl

Vince Williams – Giant Wheel = 3rd pl

Debbie Jallit -In Great Grandma’s Kitchen = 2nd pl

Joy Lane – Lights & Grille 2nd pl

Linda Bryant – Nicks Market =2nd pl

Rose Christner -“Recycling” 1st pl ; writes this about her Re-Cycling cycle. To me this scene in the ‘Murphy Country Nursery’ just reminded me of how it was to ride the old Schwinn bicycle when I was young. Now re-purposing it in a garden setting was so perfect for fond memories of yesteryear. Loved how the morning sun was casting it’s rays of light down on the bike. Taken in June of 2017 with a Canon 80D, 18-135lens at 1/4sec, F9, ISO100

Jeremy Vanschoonhen -Golden Eyes = 3rd pl

Jim Heern – mandrillusSpinx = 3rd pl

Ozzie Cummins -Autumn Flows, Warm and Cold =3rd pl

Susan Sheets – Quite = 3rd pl

Bekah Vanschoonhen -Shining Through = 2nd pl

Susan Sheets -High Water = 2nd pl

Bobette Heern -Bluesy Boy =1st pl

Bobette Heern -Nemo and Friends = 3rd pl

Jim Heern – Wanna Bear Hug = 2nd pl

Jim Heern -Will You Play With Us – 2nd pl

Nomeca Hartwell -Light On The Hill = 3rd pl

Linda Williams – Home Town Marshall = 1st pl

David Low – Wharf  = 3rd pl