April 2018 Winners

April 2018 Image of the Month

Kolob Water Chute: by Gene Rimmer

April 2018 Winners

Open Print category

First Place

Two first place awards

 Golden Eyes: Photographed by Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Kolob Water Chute: by Gene Rimmer

Second Place

Three second place awards

Eye Of TheTiger: by Jim Heern

Tunnel of Light: by Jim Ingraham

Seaside: by Bobette Heern

Open Electronic (digital) Category

First Place

Mail Box Creek: by Susan Sheets

Second Place

Coiled Light: by Susan Sheets

Honorable Mention

Fantasy Unicorn Stairway: by Joy Lane

Honorable Mention

You Never Listen: by Rose Christner

Assigned Print Category, “Out of Place”

Ghost Pumpkin: by Russ Williamson

Assigned Electronic (digital) Category, “Out of Place”

First Place

Unwelcome Guest: by Debbie Jallit

Second Place

Five second places awards

Lunar Lamps In Paris: by Rose Christner

Midnight Z: by RossSteensland

This Might Not Be My Tribe: by Jim Ingraham

Autumn Leaf: by Judy Cox

Spoon: by Lynda Noles

Third Place

Paper Plane: by Lynda Noles